Viser innlegg fra februar, 2022

What would someone who loves themselves do

What would someone who loves themselves do? For quite some time now I've struggled with a feeling of being out of my alignment.  After I had my first kid, a baby with high needs, almost a decade ago, and me not being really good with my own boundaries, I've been in a downwards spiral. I never wanted to acknowledge the fact that when I gave my all to by babies, I pushed away something else.  Now I suffer from it, and the time has come to stare into the depths of this knowledge and do something to get out of this circle of self neglect.   Giving my absolute best and my all to my babies is one of, maybe THE biggest accomplishments of my life. I'm proud of it, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.  My babies never needed to scream or struggle to be heard or given attention. They never needed to wait for anything. They never needed to feel unsafe or abandoned. I were there, listening, touching, caring, loving them. Seeing all of them. They were happy and funn